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High Chrome Grinding Ball For Ball Mill

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Product Name: High Chrome Grinding Ball For Ball Mill
Supply Ability: 100000tons
Specifications 20mm-150mm
Price Term:
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 1 ton
Unit Price: $600-800/t
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Size of casting iron ball:
Small size: &|216;10mm--&|216;40mm;
Medium size: &|216;50mm--&|216;90mm;
Big size: &|216;100mm--&|216;150mm.

Series of balls according to the chrome percentage:
High chrome casting ball: More than Cr:10%;
Medium chrome casting ball: Cr:3%-9%;
Low chrome casting ball: Cr:1%-3%.
Product Name Product Code Chromium Content Hardness Ball Size
Rockwell C Brinell
Super high chrome
cast grinding ball
(SHCCB) ZQCR20-ZQCR30 Cr:20%-30% HRC58-65 BHN601-700 10mm-150mm
High chrome
cast grinding ball
(HCCB) ZQCR10-ZQCR19 Cr:10%-19% HRC58-66 BHN601-712
Medium chrome
cast grinding ball
(MCCB) ZQCR4-ZQCR9 Cr:4%-9% HRC47-53 BHN461-534
Low chrome
cast grinding ball
(LCCB) ZQCR1-ZQCR3 Cr:1%-3% HRC45-50 BHN429-495
Multi-component chrome
cast grinding ball
(MCACB) ZQCR10-ZQCR30 Cr:10%-30% HRC60-67 BHN627-730

Features of casting grinding ball
(4) High hardness: surface hardness of casting iron balls is to HRC 58-65. The tolerance of the core hardness and surface hardness is not over 2HRC;
(5) Good Impact Toughness: impact toughness of chrome balls is more than 4J/cm2;
(6) Low Broken Rate: the actual broken rate is not higher than 1%;
(7) Good Wear-resistant: the wearing rate of high cast iron ball is 30-50g/ton in cement industry, 350-430g in gold mines and even lower in some iron mines.

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